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Accelerate Your Connect with Career Design



Civil Services : For 6th & 7th Class students only

Entrance Test & Personality Assessment to reinforce commitment


Health Care Warriors : Only for 8th Class Soldiers of Life

World of Biology and the Introduction to Life Conserving Program


Self Starters : Self Motivated 9th Class Students only

Visionaries, Thinkers and Innovators are welcome to learn.


Big Bang Dynamites : Students of 11th Class who are made for research & higher studies - Scientists, Professors, Engineers and Educationists

* Program designed with a definite well defined Purpose and Vision

* Students & Parents join a program after proper counselling

* Bi-Weekly Assessment of the Progress with 360 degree feedback

* Complete Personality Development assured

* Curriculum designed to empower your school curriculum

* Entrance Exam is a special feature of each career program

* Acceleration & Excellence with Tranformation Methods 

* Formula is very simple -- Plan and Accelerate.

* Think, consult and act. Start early and focus on the Guidance

    Establish Smart Ideas


Learn 2 Earn - Student learns self reliance and sustenance 

Yudh Kaushal - Mental Agility and Physical Combat Readiness


Laws Of Success - Winner in each Thought


Investment Banking - Money Games are interesting


Develop Control - Meditation to Give Up On Unrealistic Dreams

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